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Low noise, Zero emissions,
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We are very proud to be Indiana's first
Eco-Friendly lawn care company.

About Us

Solar Earth Lawn Care was founded by Gus Mariscal after he realized how harmful gas lawn equipment is to our environment.  He was shocked to learn the significant concentration of gas and vapor expelled into the air in just one hour of lawn mowing.  So he went to work to find an alternative way to cut grass and keep lawns beautiful without the disruption to the air and sound quality in the community.

Mariscal founded Solar Earth Lawn Care out of a need from his own conscience.  His goals, to offer an alternative lawn mowing option to homeowners with the same concerns about the environment, and to educate those who may not be aware of the effect regular lawnmowers are having on our environment.

"At Solar Earth Lawn Care, we know how important it is to not just say the right thing, but to DO the right thing.  Providing this alternative technology to help homeowners keep their families healthy and their lawns beautiful, is our way of contributing what we can to further the sustainability of our planet.  We know that what we do now will plant the seeds to help future generations.  It just makes sense." -Gus